L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

I recently finished up a YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick – a lovely shiny lipstick with just the right amount of color for everyday that has, sadly, been discontinued. YSL replaced this line with the tint in balm range. Before spending $34 on a tinted balm I thought I would look elsewhere for a replacement. Since L’Oreal owns YSL I wondered if L’Oreal had anything similar for a fraction of the price. Enter their new colour riche shine lipsticks!


I picked up four of them. Although I didn’t find a color match for my old YSL lipstick, I have been enjoying these. I chose three more neutral shades and then a red. There are quite a few bright and bold choices in the line, which features 16 colors.  The formula is creamy and the finish is shiny, as the name says.


(Top to Bottom: 918 Polished Tango, 908 Sparkling Rose, 906 Burnished Blush, 924 Enamel Red)

Sparkling Rose is particularly subtle on my lips, whereas Enamel Red packs a punch and even left a stain (both on my lips and on my arm). thumb_IMG_8153_1024

(From top L going clockwise: Sparkling Rose, Burnished Blush, Enamel Red, Polished Tango)

Burnished Blush is more mauve and Polished Tango is more pink, but as you can see, those two shades are particularly similar on my lips — more so than I would’ve guessed from the bullets.


These obviously don’t have the luxe packaging of the YSL lipstick or that wonderful YSL scent. They also have more saturated color than the YSL tint in balms, so I can’t call them dupes. These are, nevertheless, a good drug store find.  Do you have any suggestions for a less expensive version of the YSL tint in balms?

I purchased my L’Oreal lipsticks from Ulta, but I’m sure Target and drug stores have them, too. The retail price is $9.99 but you can always find a promo or coupon to get them cheaper. Ulta was doing a buy 2 get 1 free promo on L’Oreal makeup plus a $3.50 off a $15 purchase coupon when I got mine.


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