Beauty Heroes: 3 Month Subscription Box Review

Where are my subscription box lovers? I’m fickle when it comes to sub boxes. Over the last 5 years or so, I’ve tried Ipsy, Boxycharm, Sephora Play, Birchbox, Allure Beauty Box, and now, Beauty Heroes. I lasted for over a year with Birchbox, partly because their rewards program (at that time, at least) was stellar. I still shop with them occasionally because their customer service is excellent, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

Other than Birchbox, I never last more than a few months with subscription boxes because samples get repeated or I end up with things I don’t want. Even an inexpensive $10/month box starts to feel like a waste when you aren’t excited about anything in it. I’ve always been hesitant to try a more expensive sub box with full sized products because it would seem like aĀ serious waste if you didn’t want the contents.

There are a number of nice-looking “green beauty” sub boxes out there. The Beauty Heroes box caught my eye a while back during another Instagrammer’s giveaway, which was a Josh Rosebrook box from Beauty Heroes. I also got a Beauty Heroes t-shirt that I love because it’s super soft cotton šŸ™‚ I didn’t take the plunge with signing up at that time, though.


Why Beauty Heroes

When the May 2018 Beauty Heroes box was revealed, I just had to have it. I’d been seeing a lot of good things about Osea Malibu in general, and I was very interested in their cream cleanser and large jar of body scrub, which were the featured products in the May box. I also got a 1 ounce Osea body balm as a free gift for signing up over Mother’s Day. Before I talk about the products, let’s go over how Beauty Heroes works.

How Beauty Heroes Works

You have to pre-pay for a subscription of at least 3 months; you can’t buy individual boxes. I did the 3-month subscription for $128.85, which works out to $42.95/month. If you do the 6 month plan it works out to $39.95/month or the 12 month plan is $37.96/month. So you get a savings by subscribing for longer, but not so much saving that I felt compelled to sign up for the 6 or 12 month plan.

All of the subscription info is here. If you’re interested and wanted to use my referral link, I would appreciate it šŸ™‚

May 2018 – Osea Malibu


There were two products in the May box:

Ocean Cleanser – $44 for 5 ounces

This is my new go-to morning cleanser. I finished my second bottle of Tata Harper’s purifying cleanser last month, which was my former favorite morning cleanser. Although the two are not the same, there are some similarities. The Osea one has a lovely creamy texture and it smells like limes. (By contrast, the Tata one is kind of a runny clay that turns into an oil and it smells like lemon and ginger to me.) The Osea ocean cleanser is the closest thing I’ve ever tried to the Tata purifying cleanser and it’s much more affordable. This is probably my single most favorite item of the 3 months of Beauty Heroes products! You can get a 1 ounce bottle for $16 if you just want to try it.

Undaria Body Polish – $48 for 12 ounces

I love a good body scrub! I may be in the minority with this view, but I think it’s great that Beauty Heroes included a body product. I would rather have a skincare product and a body product or two than two skincare products. I go through body products so much faster, and if it’s not something you’re interested in for whatever reason, it’s also easier to gift body care. I will not be re-gifting this one! It has a nice amount of scrubbiness but isn’t harsh and it smells great. My only slight pet peeve is that it’s just a cheap plastic jar and the letters starting wearing off from the get-go. I don’t need a fancy container for something that’s going to live in the shower, though, so that’s a minor complaint. Almost $50 for a body scrub probably sounds like a lot, but this breaks down to $4/ounce, which is actually not so bad.


Anti-Aging Body Balm – $16 for 1 ounce

This was a Mother’s Day promo; it wasn’t in most people’s May boxes. It’s only okay. I’ve just about used it up already and only used it a handful of times. It’s a liquid that turns to an oil on contact. I found it kind of hard to spread because it was a bit thick. It smells fine, but I didn’t find it to be anything special. I prefer my designated body oils from Leahlani, Caudalie, and Twig & Birdie.

$92 value (excluding the balm)

June 2018 – Honua Skincare


I love Leahlani skincare and I’ve enjoyed the one thing I’ve tried from Mahalo skincare so you’d think another Hawaiian skincare brand would’ve had my name all over it, but this box missed the mark for me a bit.

There were two Honua skincare items plus a Beauty Heroes glass straw in this box. I assume they included the glass straw because plastic straws are wreaking havoc on ocean wildlife and that is a particularly sensitive issue to Hawaiians.

Malu Protecting Day Creme + SPF 30 – $42 for 1 ounce

I generally prefer moisturizers without SPF for two reasons: 1) I don’t want to wear SPF at night so a moisturizer with SPF is less versatile, and 2) I think moisturizers (or makeup) with SPF give many people a false sense of security about their level of sun protection. You need a teaspoon of sunscreen to fully protect your face. You don’t use a teaspoon of moisturizer or foundation, so you aren’t getting whatever amount of SPF your product claims it has. If you don’t have another method of sunscreen, you’re probably unknowingly doing damage to your skin.

That said, this really won me over. It has a very lightweight feel. It smells like jasmine. Although its very white in color, there is no white cast when it’s rubbed in. I will enjoy using it up.

Moana Mask – $38 for 50 ml

I was disappointed to see a mask in the box solely because I have too many masks and they take forever to use up. I imagine other people were thrilled with a mask. This is the problem of subscription boxes: you can’t please everyone!

This is a naturally exfoliating clay mask with a very lovely creamy texture that never fully dries down so you don’t get that tight, uncomfortable feeling of a lot of clay masks. The ingredients list includes Hawaiian honey and different clays. Unfortunately, I can’t get past the smell. It smells like seaweed or something to me. Yuck. A friend told me she thinks it smells like a green smoothie so, obviously, different people experience this differently.


Glass Straw – $21 for set of 3 (which I forgot to photograph – oops!)

I was the most excited about this! Coincidentally, I had recently been reading about how damaging plastic straws are to wildlife, including marine life. I watched this video of a person trying to pull a plastic straw out of the nostril of a sea turtle that was absolutely heartbreaking. (IĀ love sea turtles!) I had been debating about the best way to reduce my use of plastic straws when this arrived! I was nervous about it being glass. But shortly after I opened the subscription box, my cat knocked it off the kitchen counter onto the tile floor. I cringed, expecting to find broken glass, but everything was safe! Just to be safe, I bought a plastic toothbrush holder from Target for $1 to hold the straw. (It actually holds 2.) I subsequently bought more so I could have one for everyone in my family šŸ™‚

$90 value (excluding the straw)

July 2018 – True Botanics


My last Beauty Heroes box contained three full sized products: a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I was really in the market for any of those things, but I’m enjoying all of them. The scents are all different, but all three transport be to a botanical garden. The shampoo has an interesting gel-like texture, whereas the body wash has a creamier texture, more like I would ordinarily expect from a shampoo. The conditioner is lightweight; you’d need more if you have very dry hair. My hair is shiny and sleek when I use the shampoo and conditioner. However, they don’t give volume, so if you would need another product for that, if you’re looking for volume. I love that all three came with pumps. Overall, these are winners!

The shampoo and conditioner are $34 each for 8 ounces. The nourishing wash is $28 for 8 ounces.

$96 value

Overall Review

Beauty Heroes has a well-curated green beauty shop on their site that anyone can use. If you’re a subscription box member you get a standing 15% discount on anything they sell. They ship internationally, too!

Beauty Heroes’ customer service is great. I initially cancelled my subscription after the June box because I wasn’t thrilled with it and, while I knew I would get a July one anyway, I had never intended to subscribe for more than 3 months and didn’t want to forget to cancel before it auto-renewed. I immediately got a personalized email from BH about my reasons for cancellation and asking for feedback. It was genuine and not at all pushy. I exchanged several emails with the customer service rep about my feedback on the two months of boxes thus far and things that I would enjoy seeing in the future. I ended up reactivating my subscription to use my 15% discount to order some more glass straws, which was a very nice suggestion from the CS woman šŸ˜‰

Although I was pleased with the majority of the products over the 3 month period, I really don’t need anything else right now so I did ultimately cancel. However, if I go through some products and want to expand, or if there is a future box that I just can’t resist, I would definitely sign up again. If you’re a green beauty fanatic, just getting started with green beauty, or in the market for a really nice gift for someone else, I highly recommend Beauty Heroes.


(None of the links are affiliate links, except the referral link as noted.)

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